Corporate Gifting - Without by Ashaya
  • Sustainable Creations from Upcycled Chip Packets!

    • They are made from the least recycled plastic waste in the world, which is considered “impossible” to recycle.
    • We deeply empower waste-pickers along the way.
    • These are also very functional – polarised with 100% UV protection (UV400), durable, bendy and comfortable.
    • Plus a lot more. And no, we are not greenwashing. This is at our core, and we want you to hold us accountable.
  • Customisable QR Code:

    • Customise the QR code for a static webpage containing information about your company and product
    • Deliver any personalised message to your employees through this page
  • Shade Your Brand: Where Style Meets Sustainability in Every Frame!

    • Customize and co-brand our sunglasses with your logo, tailoring them to your preferences. Personalize each pair with employee names for a unique touch.
    • Customise the packing boxes and pouch with brand logo and message.
For your corporate gifting needs, email us at