What We Are

WITHOUT is a social enterprise that aims to increase the value of waste through technological and scientific innovations in recycling and then fairly redistribute that value to stakeholders in the supply chain, especially those who are the poorest: waste-pickers.

  • impact first

    Our social impact comes first. We are doing this to solve systemic social problems and that will always be primary. We are not doing this to make money.

  • Good Economics

    We believe that markets and incentives work. We believe that the financial viability and independence of an impact initiative is important, and that donor dependency can be a crutch.

  • long term outlook

    We believe in creating solutions that focus on long-term, permanent progress. We believe in having deep impact and scaling that depth over the long run.

We want to marry the best of the non-profit space with the best of the for-profit space while maintaining a long-term focus!

Accolades Gallery - Celebrating Our Successes

Step into the realm of achievement with our Accolades Gallery, a testament to the remarkable journey of our company. Here, we proudly showcase the awards and recognitions that highlight our commitment to excellence, innovation.

  • United Nations + Lakme Fashion Week's "Circular Design Challenge" Winner, 2023
  • Unilever's TRANSFORM India Plastic Challenge Winner, 2022
  • H&M Foundation's Techtonic's Innovations in Waste Management Winner, 2021
  • Rs 10 Lakhs recipient from AIC ISB's Startup India Seed Fund, 2022
  • "Top 3 Innovations" at ISC3, "Start-up of the Month", May 2023
  • Pune Municipal Corporation's SWaCH Award, 2023
  • Best Start-Up at India Circular Economy Forum, June 2023
  • Best Start-Up at Industrial Green Chemistry World Awards, Nov 2023

Unveiling Our Latest Stories

We take immense pride in our extensive reach and influence, having been featured and acknowledged in Over 100 Publications worldwide. This broad recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation, as our story resonates across diverse platforms.

  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • Yourstory
  • The Better India
  • Triple Pundit

Our Current Focus

We are currently working on post-consumer metalled multi-layered plastic packaging (MLP). MLP is the least recycled type of plastic waste, and generally ends up in landfills. It is a low-value, high volume, composite waste (up to 5-6 different types of materials) that is considered economically and technically “impossible” to recycle.

We are recycling this waste into high-quality materials and products, starting first with recycled sunglasses. We are not fully there yet, but we are getting closer.

We want to eventually work on all types of waste, but we have got to start somewhere. Plastic waste is generally high-value and nimble, so it made sense for us to start there.

Only once we have managed to extract significant margin from the waste will we look to impact waste-pickers and kabadiwallas. The thought process here is that we do not want to disrupt value chains unless we have tech that works. At WITHOUT, there’s no room for false hope.

Ideally, we will use our profits/margin on two aspects:
  1. Permanent upliftment of waste-pickers and kabadiwallas, and
  2. Cross-subsidising the recycling of other low-value waste.

Our eventual goal is to create decentralised “material cradles” or recycling centres at the sub-district level across India that up cycle all types of municipal solid waste, formalise and incorporate the informal sector, and are financially sustainable, mini-manufacturing units.

We have a lot left to figure out, and a long way to go.If you’re interested in joining our journey, email us, or sign up below to get regular updates.