Let’s Reimagine Waste Together

We are looking for a few new colleagues to join us on our journey.

Research Analyst

We are looking for a fresh Research Analyst, someone who loves chemical testing and analyzing hard problems.

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Process Engineer

We are looking for a fresh Process Engineer, someone who enjoys chemical engineering, and building process designs that have never been built before.

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Industrial Design Engineer

We are looking for a fresh Industrial Design Engineer, someone who wants to use their design and engineering skills to manifest products from waste.

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Accounting Analyst

We are looking for a fresh Accounting Analyst, someone who likes numbers and details more than the normal person.

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Working at Without

WITHOUT is not just another social enterprise or non-profit or start-up. We are an amalgamation of all that and a lot more.

Our why, our values, our guiding principles and our mission are absolute pillars in our journey to make deep, meaningful impact. We have just launched a new brand and our first product, and are trying to build on that.

Right now, we are a small but passionate team, so our work culture is evolving as we speak. We don’t believe in hierarchy and are attempting to build an environment of self-management.

We believe the following traits are currently fuelling our evolution:

Working At WITHOUT

  • PACE

    We know we are moving quickly, but it still feels too slow. We want to move faster. We want to compress many years of research into one. But at the same time, we don’t want to break things along the way. Help us find our pace.


    We are outcome-focused. By that we mean it doesn’t really matter how many hours you work, it’s what you do with those hours that matters. Work hours are flexible. Our outcomes, not as much.


    We are super transparent. There’s no point in sweeping conflicts under a rug. We don’t have much to hide from each other and are consistently evaluating our work, our feelings and our differences. We are our biggest critics.


    No task is too small or too big for any of us to do. At the same time, we play to our strengths, optimising for the greater goal we are seeking to achieve, all the while keeping our minds open to diverse perspectives.